Lei Day 2023

Lei Day 2023

May Day, also known as Lei Day, is a special day celebrated in Hawaii on May 1st. It has significant cultural and historical importance to locals, as it celebrates their love for nature and the storied tradition of making and wearing leis.

Lei Day was first celebrated in 1928 as a way to promote Hawaiian culture and to honor the ancient custom of making and giving leis. Leis are traditional Hawaiian garlands made from flowers, leaves, or shells, which are worn around the neck or on the head. They are often given as a symbol of love, respect, and affection.

On Lei Day, people in Hawaii come together to celebrate their love for nature and the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The day is marked by music, dance, and the exchange of leis. It is also a time for people to reflect on the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Hawaii and to appreciate the cultural heritage of the islands.

The significance of leis in Hawaiian culture is deeply rooted in history. In ancient Hawaii, leis were used to mark significant events such as births, marriages, and funerals. They were also used to honor chiefs and other important community members. Today, leis are worn for many occasions, including graduations, weddings, and other celebrations.

The making of leis is an art form that has been passed down through generations of Hawaiian families. Each island in Hawaii has its unique style of making leis, and the materials used vary depending on the season and availability. The most popular flowers used to make leis are plumeria, pikake, and orchids. In addition to their amazing skincare benefits, kukui nuts are also common in the art of lei making, where the shells are polished to a beautiful shine. We feature this superstar ingredient in our Kukui Facial Hydrator and Hinoki Rose Body Hydrator.

Lei Day is an important celebration that highlights the cultural significance of leis in Hawaiian culture. It is a time for the people of Hawaii to come together, appreciate the natural beauty of their islands, and honor the traditions of their ancestors. The giving and receiving of leis on this special day is a symbol of the love and respect that Hawaiians have for their land and their people.