Skincare should be Second Nature

Our skin is our first point of connection to ourselves and our surroundings. In caring for it, we cultivate care all around us.

By balancing skin, self and planet, Koa helps individual and collective well-being to thrive.

The spirit of care, born in Hawaii and made for all.

At Koa, we’re drawing on the expertise of our ancestors and heritage to pass on a modern approach to skin — rooted in care.

We innovate around pre-modern Hawaiian philosophies of taking care that extend back centuries, sharing the islands’ rich healing traditions with the world.

Crafted with Traditional Ingredients

Taking inspiration from our roots, we infuse our products with Japanese Yuzu, Hawaiian Kukui Nut and Pacific Giant Seaweed. These ingredients have been used for centuries for their healing powers.

We’re leaning on the past to innovate for the future by bringing these powerful ingredients together in new and highly effective ways.

The Founders

We grew up in and around the Hawaiian Islands. Spending long days in the sun and ocean, we were taught from a young age the importance and rituals of skincare as self-care from our parents and communities.

When we left Hawaii, we realized that our knowledge was not shared by many of our friends. We created Koa to share the heritage and knowledge of Hawaii as expressed through the skincare rituals we learned at home.

While the traditions and science we draw on are rooted in the islands, we built this company for everyone under the sun.

Hiro, Ty and Kapono

Our Planet

We use recycled and recyclable materials in all of our products. Our paper is sourced from 100% FSC-certified forests.

We minimize our carbon footprint by using low-emissions transportation options and lightweight packaging. We achieve carbon neutrality with carbon credits.

We also donate 1% of our proceeds towards preserving our precious oceans.