Nani Welch Keliʻihoʻomalu, Native Hawaiian Photographer and Creative, for Koa Tune-In Campaign

#TuneIn with: Nani Welch Keliʻihoʻomalu

Our #TuneIn series explores the themes of⁠ mindfulness and self care. As a skincare brand, we⁠ understand that it isn’t just products that help you feel⁠ grounded. #TuneIn shares rituals and practices from our community that help us tune in to ourselves and the world around us.

We asked Nani Welch Keliʻihoʻomalu (@naniwelchkeliihoomalu) a Native Hawaiian photographer and creative from Waimea, Hawaii, what she does to #TuneIn.

What does it mean to tune in?

Tuning in to me means doing things that bring joy to my life. Surfing, surrounding myself with loved ones, shooting a project that excites me. When I feel happy, my body feels energized and it motivates me to push myself and get active.

How do you listen to what your body needs?

I’m still actively learning how to take those signs that my body gives when it’s burnt out. I love being social and seeing my friends any chance I can get. But I’ve been teaching myself that it’s ok to say no sometimes and to not overexert myself and my social battery.

This also applies to when my plate is too full with work. When I take on too many jobs at once, I sometimes feel so much stress that it turns into overwhelm. In these moments I try to reset my mind and remember that none of this is the end of the world. Putting priorities into perspective really helps me align my mind and body and remind myself that happiness and health always come first.

Who do you feel attuned to?

My mom! I feel like she can always sense when I’m feeling off or when I want to chat. I think moms have that special power. We share so many of the same interests and love for adventure. I love those traits that I’ve inherited from her.

What people are on your same frequency?

My cousin Chloe (@chloethekohola). We were born two weeks apart so she’s the definition of my day 1. I can go months without seeing her and it’s like no time has passed. She’s the kind of person I can just sit in silence with for hours and be totally content. She taught me how to surf and the days I get to paddle with her are some of my favorites. She’s also one of my favorite people to shoot. She’s so graceful in the water, it always inspires me to create more!

When do you feel the most Attuned?

The weather affects me so much. When it’s gray and cold out, I get so tired and want to stay in and rest all day. The sun really energizes me. When I come home from a long trip and I step out of the plane and feel the sun on my skin, it brings me such much joy. I would say I feel the most attuned on a bright sunny day at the beach with the people I love!