#TuneIn with: Fiona Luo

#TuneIn with: Fiona Luo

Our #TuneIn series explores the themes of⁠ mindfulness and self care. As a skincare brand, we⁠ understand that it isn’t just products that help you feel⁠ grounded. #TuneIn allows you to share what rituals help you⁠ feel tuned in to yourself.

This week, we asked Fiona Luo @__fionaluo what she does to #TuneIn.

What does it mean to tune in?

Tuning in for me means to do something that is truly for myself and for the bettering of my existence. A moment to disregard the noise that are the desires, assumptions, thoughts, and opinions of other people and to do something just for myself.

When do you feel most tuned in?

No matter what it is that I’m doing, tuning in for me means that it feels good to exist. My existence feels at once feeble but also important, singular yet all encompassing. I’m hanging out with just myself and I’m happy to be there.

What's one thing you do to help tune in?

It’s hard to break away from the static of our everyday lives, so I try to find little pockets of time that I can feel in possession of. Sometimes, planning big things like a trip or even a day of relaxation can feel like a big expectation, and I find that smaller rituals daily or just more frequently helps to keep myself going and moving even better. I believe in incremental motions for real changes, rather than big shifts that can end up being ephemeral.